Cable Crimping Guide

The BMD-S PCB uses an 8 way MicroMaTch connector socket manufactured by TE Electronics. Suitable cables can be bought pre made or made by crimping a plug onto ribbon cable using a vice. These connectors have a polarising tab so they cannot be plugged in the wrong way round.

The manufacturer’s part number for the 8 way IDC plug is: 7-215083-8
You can get them from here:

Digikey code: A99462CT-ND
Farnell code: 149070

Crimping connectors to the ribbon cable without an expensive tool

With a bit of care you can crimp the connectors onto a ribbon cable using just a small bench vice. The most basic way is to place the connector in the side of the vice as shown, so the polarising pin is on one side, and then close the vice.


The connectors have a polarising tab on one side – the contact closest to this tab connects to the ground pin when it is plugged into the HUB-ee. Ribbon cable usually has one of its conductors marked in a different colour so you can use this to make sure that all the connectors on a cable are the right way around – the polarising tabs should always be on the same side – beware though, a lot of ribbon cables use red (like in the photo) but don’t assume that the red wire is positive!

A slightly better method is to get a small block of wood and drill a 2mm hole in it, the connector polarising pin can then poke through this hole and allow you to get the connector neatly in the centre of the vice, which results in a slightly better crimp.


The best method is to buy specialised crimp tooling, at a cost of several hundred dollars – we prefer the vice methods!

Some distributors also supply pre-made cables.

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